Structural Alterations Wirral


Structural Alterations Wirral

Are you seeking to embark on an open-plan home conversion, repurpose an area or create a serious new look for your residence? Structural alterations Wirral will often be required if you’re going to significantly change the look of the interior or the exterior of your property and require expert attention. Drawing on our years of experience in project management, our company offers an all-inclusive structural alteration service.

There will inevitably come a time when you come to a decision that you would like to change the layout of your living space to your home or office space. While in some situations you may well be able to do this without any major structural alterations, there might come a time when there is simply no other option if you’re to obtain that extra living area or design layout that you so much want and need. We provide a variety of structural alterations in Wirral and throughout the Northwest. From building new openings for windows and doors to the removal of load bearing walls.

Our services for structural alteration Wirral includes the following:

A full plan of works which will take into account labour, materials, waste solutions and time aspects.
A clear, professional service that works fully in tandem with any structural surveys and engineer reports.

Specific services include:

  • Load-bearing wall removal
  • Chimney breast removal
  • Extension
  • Loft Conversions
  • Cellar Conversions
  • Strengthening unstable walls or roofs
  • Concrete steps in situ
  • Specialist concrete cutting and drilling

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